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Premium Subscripton Fees for Businesses
Improve your business listing today with a Premium Subscription... View Options & Fees Below...
Premium Subscription Fees for Businesses

Premium Subscription Options & Fees for Business Owners

The Shoppers Digest Business Directory provides business owners business listings that work. Allowing internet users to find your business information when they are looking for your products and services is key to successful online advertising. Enhancing your free business listing today with one of our competitive premium subscription options will increase the online benefit your business receives from the Shoppers Digest Business Directory.


What premium subscription options are available?

Why enhance a free business listing with a premium subscription?.

We have various premium subscription options available for business owners depending on the size and needs of each individual business. We designed the Shoppers Digest Business Directory for each individual business location., This means that if you have a chain of shops, say for example, 3 retail shops in three different towns or cities, then the directory has been setup so that your business advertises each location individually. These adverts are linked within the directory as being part of the same overall business.

By doing this, your business will receive more targeted and location specific online exposure to potential customers and, we have ensured that you do not pay ridiculous prices for this hugely beneficial advertising.

Premium subscriptions start with 3 licences, allowing for up to 3 business locations to be added to the directory and can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly, whichever is more convenient to the business. The longer the term, the cheaper the subscription cost in the long run. Full details are displayed below...

Options & Fees

Our fee structure is based upon the licences you require. In the case of small businesses with 1 to 3 shops, our highlighted option is suited. All subscriptions can be upgraded later if required.

All our fees are for a 12 month minimum period.

3 Licences
From £199.95
  • Upfront: £199.95
  • Half Yearly: £119.95
  • Quarterly: £69.95
  • Monthly: £24.95
25 Licences
From £399.95
  • Upfront: £399.95
  • Half Yearly: £239.95
  • Quarterly: £139.95
  • Monthly: £49.95
250 licences
From £799.95
  • Upfront: £799.95
  • Half Yearly: £479.95
  • Quarterly: £279.95
  • Monthly: £99.95
1000 licences
From £1599.95
  • Upfront: £1599.95
  • Half Yearly: £959.95
  • Quarterly: £559.95
  • Monthly: £199.95

We also provide 2500 licences to the largest of businesses that wish to use our services. The pricing is as follows:


Premium advertising, for business, that works.