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Unique Advertising for Charities
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Unique Advertising for Charities

The Charity Directory With A Difference

The Shoppers Digest Charity Directory is unlike other directories on the internet. Exposing important, relevant information about a charity, it's products and services is key to successful advertising to both donors and your welfare service users.


What is different about the Shoppers Digest Charity Directory?

Whats the Difference with Shoppers Digest

At Shoppers Digest we understand that advertising can be expensive and sometimes inefficient, so we have setup our charity directory in such a way that internet users browsing online find extensive information about your charity, whether they are searching directly on our website or not.

We list charities - and the list grows every day - within the directory ourselves, FOR FREE. Using key information about your charity, we help potential customers that are looking for your fundraising efforts or welfare services find important relevant details about your charity quickly and simply. We also list charities that have multiple outlets such as their charity shops independantly in the directory, thus improving the online potential for each advert.


Check to see if your charity is already listed within the directory:

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My charity isn't listed in the directory, why not?

Why is my charity not listed

If you found Shoppers Digest by accident and not because we created a free advert for your charity it could be that we just havn't got round to it yet. We started our directory in the Chichester, West Sussex area and expanded our listings outward from there. We only allow charities to create new listings that are premium listings - with more enhanced features - by means of a licence subscription but, because we value you and your charity - especially as you provide valuable services to the community, we welcome you to contact us and ask us to create a free charity listing for your charity. We believe in our product and we are happy to prove its value for free.

Please note that there are many many charities operating in the UK and we hand pick the charities that we include each day in the directory but, if your charity does not get listed straight away it doesn't mean that we don't want to list it. This is why we offer an equal opportunity for all charities to gain access to our free online charity listings, before they pay for anything to enhance the huge benefits they already provide.

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So what is the catch?

Theres No Catch
There is no catch

We offer this service for free because we want to create a unique way of providing important information to internet users but, obviously we have premium advertising options to enhance your listings even further. Premium services are available because most charity owners and managers will want to take control of their adverts. It is at this point we believe we have done a good job and deserve a thank you, in the form of cheap advertising fees and in return, huge value for money to the charity. We believe our product offers the cheapest online advertising around, providing the highest value for money compared to services that can cost a charity thousands each year and, we aim to prove what our services can do for charities without the need to spend a single penny finding out.

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Unique advertising, for charities, for free*.

*Free services can be enhanced by purchasing a subscription licence. Our charity subscriptions are discounted against our normal business listing fees.