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Who we are

The directory site with a difference.

Shoppers Digest was setup to allow a more personal approach to reviewing and providing feedback to local and wider businesses.

Initially operating and covering Chichester in West Sussex and the surrounding areas, we aim to expand and offer the ability to review and provide feedback on business all the way across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Whilst providing our reviewing services to consumers we believe that we offer unique advertising services for the businesses as a whole.

For us to reach our goals and for this to work at such a large scale we will require input from the general public and we hope that our website visitors will find useful information and see the benefits of joining our network as active contributors.


Shoppers Digest also provides other services to both individuals and property owners & agents

We aim to continuously expand the scope of our offerings and welcome any suggestions from our readers.


Services for Businesses

We have other services for businesses - small, medium or large - that are currently in development. More information will be released soon.


Services for Individuals

Alongside our main services provided to businesses we also offer individials with the option to sell their unwanted items within our Classified Ads Directory.

We believe in being fair and competitive and so we trust you will find our classified ads services are just the same. We also believe you will find these services to be extremely valuable compared to any costs we charge - SOME OF THEM ARE FREE!

This service is currently offline and will be back up and running soon.


Services for Property Owners & Agents

For Property Owners & Agents we also provide a directory for listing properties for sale and let.

This service is currently offline and will be back up and running soon.

A Selection of Our Business Listings

A selection of the listings from with the business directory can be found below. Select a listing to view their full profile.

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A Selection of Our Charity Listings

A selection of the charities within our charity directory are displayed below. Click on a listing to view the charities profile.

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