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Free Advertising for Businesses
Improve your business ratings and reputation with a Free Shoppers Digest business listing... Find Out How Below...
Free Advertsing for Businesses

Free Business Directory Listings

The Shoppers Digest Business Directory provides business owners free business listings that work. Allowing internet users to find your business information when they are looking for your products and services is key to successful online advertising.


What information can be added to the business directory?

What can a business display for free within the business directory.

At Shoppers Digest we understand that advertising can be expensive and sometimes inefficient, so we have setup our business directory in such a way that internet users browsing the world wide web find extensive information about your business, whether they are searching directly on our website or not. We believe that our directory model provides businesses with a unique advertising medium that will aid their online presence hugely.

Our free business listings display full contact details to the general public, 4 main products or services that are optimised across the listing to aid in searches, a description or summary about the business and also incorporate important keywords for web optimisation of the listing, alongside search tags used internally within the Shoppers Digest Business Directory.

We actually conduct our business directory additions in such a way that we create free business ads on a daily basis. We started the directory in the Chichester, West Sussex area and spread outward with our additions, so, you may find your business already has a listing. If your business is not listed in the directory and you would like it to appear for free, we have an ethos where we offer all business owners equal opportunity to benefit from our free business listing services. Although we do not allow a business owner to include their business for free themselves, we welcome any business owner to contact us and ask for their business to be included. We would then create the advert for them.


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Can Business Listings be enhanced?

Can I Upgrade My Listing?

All business owners can enhance their business listings by purchasing one of our premium advertising subscriptions. There are a few options when choosing premium subscriptions but, our cheapest allows a business owner to list up to 3 enhanced listings. For example, this allows business owners - who may have up to 3 shops - to list each outlet separately within the business directory, thus, improving the business' exposure on the internet.



Online advertising, for business, for free*.

*Free services can be enhanced by purchasing a subscription licence.