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NOTICE DECEMBER 2014 - We are currently updating our Terms & Conditions as a few things have changed and until such time as we have completed this we are unfortunately not allowing new user registrations at this time. Please contact us if you would like to become a member.

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Write Reviews

Write Reviews

Registered users can write full - positive or negative - customer reviews on the business listings that are in our directory. They can upload suitable pictures, such as a photo of the item they recently bought, to help present this information. Users can be as open as they want to be about their experiences with the businesses.

Share your recent experiences with future prospective customers and the business' themselves.

Post Feedback

Post Feedback

When registered, users are able to post short feedback notes on the business listing. Perhaps you had a recent visit and you just wanted to let us and their audience know a quick snapshot of your experience at that time?

Users can post as many feedback notes as they wish on a business profile. As with full reviews, feedback can be either positive or negative.

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Business Listings

Registered users who own a business already listed in the directory can take ownership of the listing and manage it themselves.

Registered business owners can also add other businesses or shops to the directory. The directory is designed to list individual shops, offices and outlets, not just the business information itself. For example if you own a chain of shops across the country, then you can add each individual shop into our directory.

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