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The Village Bakery

The Village Bakery

Location: 146 High Street Selsey Chichester West Sussex PO20 0QE.

Main Telephone Number: 01243 603722
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About the company:

The Village bakery is a family run business on the High Street in Selsey, West Sussex.

Producing quality goods every day from fresh bread, cakes, sausage rolls and other pastry produce. The Village Bakery also supply their freshly baked goods to wholesale customers.

Main Services

The Village Bakery provide the following main services to their customers:

Freshly Baked Bread
Cakes & Pastry Goods
Family Run Business
Wholesale Customers Welcome
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Posted on: 18 December 2014
All about the sausage rolls!

The village bakery make the best fresh sausage rolls you can get. Even if you don't buy freshly baked bread you have to go here to get a fresh, hot sausage roll! They are so good!