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The Pet Pantry (Selsey) Limited

The Pet Pantry (Selsey) Limited

Location: 179 High Street Selsey Chichester West sussex PO20 0PZ.

Main Telephone Number: 01243 607071
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Average review rating for The Pet Pantry (Selsey) Limited: 5 out of 5 based upon 1 reviews.
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About the company:

The Pet Pantry is located on the High Street in Selsey near Chichester, West Sussex.

Offering pet supplies, accessories and helpful advice for all your pet's needs.

From Cats, Dogs, Birds and other small animals, The Pet Pantry has everything you need to keep your loved ones happy and healthy.

Within the store you will also find other products such as homeware items.

Main Services

The Pet Pantry (Selsey) Limited provide the following main services to their customers:

Pet Foods & Animal Feeds
Pet Supplies & Accessories
Healthy & Natural Products
Homeware Products
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about The Pet Pantry (Selsey) Limited
  • Overall Satisfaction: 5 out of 5
  • Quality of Service: 5
  • Value For Money: 5
  • Competitiveness: 5
  • Customer Service: 5

Professional & Very Helpful

After struggling to discourage my neighbour's cats from defecating in my flower pots and digging up the plants I visited the Pet Pantry to try and...

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