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The Body Shop (Hove)

The Body Shop (Hove)

Location: 22 George Street Hove Brighton East Sussex BN3 3YA.

Main Telephone Number: 01273 724481
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About the company:

The Body Shop (Hove), situated in George Street just outside the City of Brighton, East Sussex, is a branch of The Body Shop Brand known for its fair trade and ethical beauty products. The Body Shop brand is part of the large L'Oréal group.

The Body Shop was founded by Human Rights Activist Dame Anita Roddick.

The Body Shop sells products ranging from makeup, nail polish, skincare to other beauty products such as body scrubs and creams, which are 100% ethical and fair trade.

Main Services

The Body Shop (Hove) provide the following main services to their customers:

Beauty Products
Fair Trade & Ethical Products
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