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St Peter's Church (Selsey)

St Peter's Church (Selsey)

Location:  High Street Selsey Chichester West Sussex PO20 0NA.

Main Telephone Number: 01243 601984
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About the company:

St Peter's in Selsey, West Sussex today stands in two parts. Centuries ago St Wilfrid founded the parish and the Chancel is still located in Church Norton just a couple of miles north of Selsey.

In 1864 demolition of the original church started and stone by stone it was moved to its current location, leaving the original Chancel in place (St Wilfrid's Chapel as it is now known). It took about 18 months for the re-location to be completed and with new Chancel and Vestry was was consecrated in 1866.

St Peter's welcome all to their wonderful church.

Baptisms are held during the Parish Eucharist service at 10am on the last Sunday of every month.

Main Services

St Peter's Church (Selsey) provide the following main services to their customers:

Sunday 8am - Holy Communion
Sunday 10am - Parish Eucharist
Thursday 9am - Eucharist
Ministry of Prayer & Healing with Anointing (Sunday - After service)
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