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L'Oréal (UK & Ireland)

L'Oréal (UK & Ireland)

Location: 255 Hammersmith Road London Greater London W6 8AZ.

Main Telephone Number: 020 8762 4000
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About the company:

L'Oréal are a global group with their UK & Ireland Headquarters situated in London. Leaders in cosmetics innovation L'Oréal allow both men and women to fully express their personalities.

L'Oréal's group of companies is large, covering over 130 countries worldwide and they have been innovating for over 100 years.

There are many brands within the L'Oréal group such as The Body Shop but here is a list of some others:

L'Oréal Brands

The Body Shop - Offering Fairtrade Beauty Products.

The L'Oréal Luxe Brands:

Lancome Paris - For Beauty, Makeup and Skincare Products.
Giorgio Armani - Products from Haute Couture & Designer Fashion.
Yves Saint Laurent Paris - Beauty & Fragrances to Skincare products.
Kiehl's - Products from Skincare, Haircare & Male Grooming.
Ralph Lauren - Fashion, Home Furnishings & Fragrances.
Shu Uemura - Professional Accessories, Makeup & Skincare.
Cacharel - Ready-to-wear Fashion.
Clarisonic - Advanced Clinical Skincare products.
Diesel - From Fashion to Jewellery and Fragrances.
Viktor & Rolf - Fragrances & Fashion.
Maison Martin Margiela - Innovative 'Replica' Fragrances.
Urban Decay - Makeup & Beauty Products.

For more brands within the L'Oréal group make sure you take a look at their website.

Main Services

L'Oréal (UK & Ireland) provide the following main services to their customers:

Nail & Beauty Products
Cosmetics & Skincare Products
Ready-to-wear Fashion
The Body Shop
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