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Hunston Joinery Ltd

Hunston Joinery Ltd

Location: Hunston Works Southover Way Hunston Chichester West Sussex PO20 1NY.

Main Telephone Number: 01243 839992
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About the company:

Hunston Joinery manufacture traditional, contemporary & heritage and reproduction joinery. They can also supply and provide an installation service to it's customers.

They can manufacture traditional sash & casement windows, panelled doors and sliding doors. Hunston Joinery can provide assistance with staircases and conservatories.

Quotations can be provided from architects drawings or plans and they can offer on site measuring facilities within 50 miles of their location.

Main Services

Hunston Joinery Ltd provide the following main services to their customers:

Windows, Doors, Kitchen Units & Drawers
Solid Flooring, Panelling, Skirtings & Architrave
Conservatories & Staircases
Custom Carpentry & Joinery
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